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In January I tackled a very specific goal from my list of goals for 2013. February, however, has the central theme of Thinking Simple. When I look over my goals for 2013, most of them are not goals I can tackle a month at a time. They are large, on-going goals that require me to stay on track all year long. So how can I do that? By setting mini goals for February, and keeping things simple. Here goes:

  1. Swim 8 miles. If I want to swim 100 miles in 2013, swimming 8 miles this month will help me get there.
  2. Bike 250 miles. Again, the goal is 3000+ miles, 250 is a good goal for February.
  3. Run 60 miles. I really should run more like 80, but I’m struggling to run right now, I’ll be happy if I can hit that 60 mark.
  4. Go to yoga at least 2x (3 is better…), and get a massage this month.
  5. Continue to work on my weight – I’d love to drop another 2 pounds this month.
  6. Continue to stay on top of my eating. I plan to continue eating vegetarian/mostly vegan, mostly gluten free, with few processed foods and minimal sugar.
  7. Post 6-8 blog posts this month – 4 update posts, plus some 13 in 13 related posts.
  8. Bill $25,000+. This is not necessarily a controllable thing – as my boss says, you can only control what you can control. So to break it down, and increase my odds, the plan is to make 40-60 calls per day, schedule 8-10 interviews per week, and send out at least 100 MPC emails this month. These are numbers I can control.
  9. I am not planning to invest any money in my personal RRSP this month – but I do plan on putting at least $3,000 in Bruce’s. Then I can focus on investing in mine in the coming months.
  10. Read 2 books in February. I actually read 8 in January, so I’m way ahead of the game right now, but I still want to read 2 in February.

There! Mini goals for February that will help me meet my overall big goals for 2013. Keeping it simple….


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  1. PlumPetals says:

    Love the breakdown of the mini goals and how they are tied into your goals for the year. Hope you have an awesome February! 🙂

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