13 in 13 – February Mid-Month Update


The theme for the month of February, isΒ Thinking Simple. In an effort to keep things simple while still working towards my overall holistic goals for 2013, I set mini goals for the month. My mid-month checkup tells me…

  1. Swim 8 miles. I have done 2.5. I’m really behind here because I’ve been struggling to get up in the mornings and get to the gym. Can I still reach 8 miles? Maybe.
  2. Bike 250 miles. Distance as of February 16 – 259 miles DONE!! OK, so I hit this one. πŸ™‚
  3. Run 60 miles. As of February 17th, I have run 31 miles. So technically I’m half way there, but it’s going to take focus to get all the way to 60 because the month is slightly more than half over.
  4. Go to yoga at least 2x (3 is better…), and get a massage this month. Hah! I’ve done none of this so far. Completing this one will be tough.
  5. Continue to work on my weight – I’d love to drop another 2 pounds this month. Going up, not down.
  6. Continue to stay on top of my eating. I plan to continue eating vegetarian/mostly vegan, mostly gluten free, with few processed foods and minimal sugar. This one was too vague. I’m still eating mostly vegan, and reduced gluten, but I’ve let some junk food creep back in…. instead of one square of rich, vegan dark chocolate, it’s 3. Vegan ice cream (hey, it’s vegan, right?), chips, popcorn… slipping here. So I need to clean that up a little.
  7. Post 6-8 blog posts this month – 4 update posts, plus some 13 in 13 related posts. I’m actually going to (almost) nail this one. This post is #5, and I have one more update post and one more Vegan post to come, giving me 7. I did miss one update post, but I’m going to call this one a win.
  8. Bill $25,000+. This is not necessarily a controllable thing – as my boss says, you can only control what you can control. So to break it down, and increase my odds, the plan is to make 40-60 calls per day, schedule 8-10 interviews per week, and send out at least 100 MPC emails this month. These are numbers I can control. Oh…. this one is complicated. I’m not making as many phone calls as I should, so that part of the goal is not happening yet. Some days I’m making 50 calls, some days I’m making 20. 8-10 interviews? Working on it – I did schedule 8 last week, and I’m at 4 already for this week, even though it’s a short week. I have billed over $22,000 this month though, so I’m going to come very close to this goal.
  9. I am not planning to invest any money in my personal RRSP this month – but I do plan on putting at least $3,000 in Bruce’s. Then I can focus on investing in mine in the coming months. How plans change – we are still investing $3,000 in Bruce’s, but today I meet with our financial planner and will invest $1,000 for myself as well.
  10. Read 2 books in February. I actually read 8 in January, so I’m way ahead of the game right now, but I still want to read 2 in February. I’m slipping a little here – I’ve actually read 4 magazines, and one book. Finishing a 2nd might be tough, but I’ll try!

So out of 10 mini goals, I’m struggling with a couple, I’m on track or close with most, and I’ve actually completed a few! Trying to keep my eye on the prize – We’ll see how the month ends.


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  1. PlumPetals says:

    I just did a 1/2 month review too. Even though there are some goals that seem like they can’t be reached (or will be tough to reach within the month), it’s ok. Just keep working towards them and do what you can. As you said, you’re on track or close with most! πŸ™‚

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