13 in 13 – Goals for 2013


It’s month 1 – January. Time to start the year fresh, full of potential, to look forward to the future, to attempt to direct my life the way I want it to go. (Very philosophical, no?).

For this post, we are supposed to outline 12 goals – they can be monthly, or overall annual goals; they can be consecutive or concurrent. Finally, we need a 13th goal – something big – something challenging. In truth, the 12 smaller goals should be elements that will lead to the 13th goal. So here goes…

The 13th Goal – or What Would Life Look Like if I could have Anything I Wanted?

In a way, this could be really easy – I want to be an Ironman. In a nutshell, finishing Ironman Mont Tremblant on August 18 in under 17 hours fulfills this goal. There is a whole LOT of things that have to happen for me to complete this successfully, but I’ll get into that in a bit.

However…. let’s dream a little bigger, shall we? If I could have anything…. anything I wanted…. One day I would qualify for Kona and actually get to participate in the granddaddy of all triathlons. That means either winning my age group, or at least finishing top 5 at an Ironman race. Considering my age group is highly, ridiculously fast and competitive, this is a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal. For this season, at least, it is highly improbable. But, it is something to work toward and everything I do this season will help me get there.

So there it is. I want to be an Ironman – one who qualifies for Kona. Now how do I get there?

12 Goals for 2013

1. Swim at least 100 miles in 2013. I swam 56 miles in 2012; 100 miles is less than 10 miles a month, and my training plan calls for me to swim 3-5 times per week during my peak training. 100 miles should be achievable.

2. Cycle at least 3000 miles in 2013. Again, so far I have ridden almost 1800 miles in 2012, so with the additional miles required to train for an Ironman, I should be able to reach 3000 miles. On average this works out to 250 miles per month.

3. Run 900 miles in 2013. This is an average of 75 miles per month, or not quite 20 miles per week. This will be the most miles I’ve ever run in a single year, but because I am training for two marathons (Fargo, plus IMMT), and potentially a third in Grand Forks in September, I’m going to have a high mileage year.

4. Stay healthy for my training. In an attempt to avoid injuries, my goal is to go to yoga a minimum of 3x per month (once a week is better), and get a massage at least once every 2 months (once a month would be better).

5. Determine my optimum racing weight, and work to reduce my body fat percentage. I refuse to fix on a predetermined number – it’s too arbitrary. However, right now as I type this I’m crazy bloated from poor eating over the holidays, so step one is to return to my original weight of ~140 pounds. Once I have achieved that point, then I will work to determine if my optimal racing weight is between 130 and 140, or perhaps even lower than 130. I have 7 months to figure it out.

6. In relation to goal number 5, significant alteration to my eating habits will be another big goal. I have a plan – sort of. I will be experimenting a significant amount in the early days of training, simply because I need to nail down my nutrition before heavy training starts. My rough plan is to start by eliminating all added sugar, white flour carbs, and possibly experiment with going gluten free again. I’m also seriously looking at going vegetarian/vegan 2-3 days per week, and cutting down/out dairy. This goal will take shape more over the month of January – it really is the first one I need to tackle.

7. In an effort to stay accountable to both my training plan and my eating goals, Goal 7 is to blog regularly again. Considering my work, I can’t see ever blogging daily again; add to that a crazy ambitious training schedule and it won’t happen. But I am determined to commit to blogging at least once per week, even if it is just an update post. I will say, I doubt I’ll post too many pictures. 🙂

I also have some non-fitness, diet, or blog related goals.

8. Bill at least $360,000 at work in 2013. This averages out to $30,000 per month. I’ve been in my job for just under 4 months, and the targets that the company has set for me are more modest… but a) I’m highly competitive, and b) I have personal reasons for wanting to hit that target number. According to my manager, this number is highly achievable – so that’s what my goal is. Because I work on commission, this will also affect my income (positively) – which has an impact on how much $$ we can dedicate to training and racing.

9. Invest at least $5,000 in my personal RRSP. I gave up a pension plan when I left the casino to go to my new job; $5,000 is probably less than half of what I would have put away in 2013 if I had stayed, but I feel it is an achievable number. And taking care of my future is important.

10. Read at least 24 books in 2013. I love to read, and in 2012 I started tracking how many books I actually finished. I read 36 complete books, and am in the middle of 3 more (1 fiction book, 1 biography, 1 training manual). I don’t want to give up my pleasure of reading just because everything else is also a priority.

Goals 11 and 12… are to be named later. I don’t want to set two random goals just because I need “12” to make the 13 in 13 challenge; I will only be setting myself up for failure. As the year morphs and changes, I’ll be able to figure out what other targets I want to work toward.

So that’s it – these are my goals for 2013. Let’s see if I can do better this year than I did in 2012, shall we?


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8 Responses to 13 in 13 – Goals for 2013

  1. PlumPetals says:

    I love your ultimate goal of being an Ironman. With your dedication and enthusiasm, you’re going to do great! Good luck in 2013 – I’m looking forward to reading about your progress and cheering you on! 🙂

    • Kris says:

      It’s funny – I really want it right now… what scares me is – what’s next? One challenge at a time!

  2. Carina says:

    2013 is going to be an amazing year for you! Awesome goal choices, lots and lots of training in your future this year.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Your goals are fabulous and so inspiring !

    • Kris says:

      Thanks! I tried to pick ones that were really important to me. Hopefully they will “stick” this year!

  4. love some of your goals, your amazing! i think its a brilliant idea to wait and decide on the rest of them. good luck.

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