13 in 13 – January – What Would Life Look Like?


So for January Rebecca challenged us to describe what our world would be like if it was exactly what we wanted – I think I kind of missed the point, as I simply described that my 13th goal was to become an Ironman, and to eventually qualify for Kona. And that is something I really, really want.

But that is only one piece of my life. The funny thing is… the rest of my life is pretty good. And the goals I did set (work related, financial, personal) tie in to keeping my life flowing on it’s current path.

But lets look at a few things I really would like. In a perfect world, what would my life look like?

  • I wouldn’t live in Winnipeg. I love my house, I really do (I should, we custom built it to be exactly what we wanted!), but the truth is, I hate the climate here. I hate winter. The terrain isn’t ideal either – we are SO flat! Trying to train for any race held anywhere but here is very difficult. So my goal is to leave here one day, preferably within 5 years. Less is good too.
  • Bruce will be able to retire when he’s ready to – work if he wants to, not if he doesn’t. Right now, that’s not an option, but we’re working towards that point.
  • I will be working in a job I love. I like what I’m doing right now, and I think I’m going to be successful at it. Is it the way I think I’ll work for the next 20 years? I doubt it – I know myself well enough to know that I’ll want change in a few years. But in the interim, if I’m successful, I’ll make good money, and have the opportunity to transfer to some city other than Winnipeg… meeting desire #1. 🙂

But you know what? That’s about it. Everything else I want (skin reduction surgery, a Harley in my garage) are all well and good… but if I really want them, I have the ability to make them happen. They are just icing on the cake, things. Really, I’m happy now, and so, it seems, are my family – what more could I really want?

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2 Responses to 13 in 13 – January – What Would Life Look Like?

  1. Carina says:

    That’s so wonderful!

  2. PlumPetals says:

    I want a Harley too 🙂
    Glad things are good – it’s a very satisfying & comforting feeling … gives a great foundation to keep working towards the icing 😉

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