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Ramping Up the Mileage

I’ve never run a full marathon before. I had planned to last September, but health issues sidelined me, and it didn’t happen. And although I’ve run five half marathons, and trained for them, the fact is, I was always sandwiching … Continue reading

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Why am I writing this blog?

So, I was reading another healthy living/fitness/exercise/food blog recently, at Healthy Tipping Point. Now, I didn’t read much, just a couple of her posts, plus one that was a response to an article written about her blog in the mainstream … Continue reading

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Weekly Update – January 22, 2011

Another week gone, time flies! I whacked the side of my head on our bowflex last night, and have a beautiful puffy black eye because of it – today’s 10 mile run may not go super well, depending on how … Continue reading

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Ow, Ow, OW!!

I now hurt in places I didn’t even know I HAD. I may not have mentioned this in an earlier post, but… the last time I rode a bike was probably 15 years ago. Maybe longer. And apparently, my behind … Continue reading

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The Big Purchase – Buying a Bike

On Sunday, January 16th, I had an appointment with one of our local cycling shops for a proper bike fitting. After visiting several local shops, talking to their staff, and doing some web comparisons, we decided to go with Alter … Continue reading

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