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It’s Just Like Riding a Bike….

I need to point out, I haven’t ridden a bicycle regularly since…. junior high, maybe? Maybe even elementary school? It’s been a long time. Until we bought our road bikes this winter, I haven’t even owned a bike in many … Continue reading

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Baked Fish

Fish is a non-starter with Bruce – unless it’s battered, deep fried, and no longer resembles actual fish, he won’t touch it. As a compromise, he will eat processed “healthy” fish pieces, which are better than the deep fried ones, … Continue reading

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The Vegetarian Experiment

I have a long post coming looking at the various merits of vegetarian, vegan, and omnivore eating. In the mean while, however, today begins Day 1 of my vegetarian experiment. First, let me say – I like meat. A lot. … Continue reading

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Mountains of Laundry

There are things other bloggers don’t talk about, at least not that I’ve read. There are things other athletes may talk about, but none have ever shared this information with me. One of those things is laundry. Now, there are … Continue reading

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Weekly Update – March 26, 2011

This week was fairly productive. I got several good workouts in, which is great, and the scale numbers are exactly the same as last week. On a personal front, the process of working through a couple of blog posts here … Continue reading

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