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Ready For Summer Challenge Week 6 & Weekly Update

I am participating in the Ready for Summer Challenge put on by Maren and Sarah – check out their blogs, these are two talented, supportive women! OK, for the Summer Challenge there are 4 categories to set goals for. 1. … Continue reading

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Weekly Link Roundup – Where Did April Go?

As I started compiling posts for this week’s link-fest, I realized I posted so many links recently that I’m going to feature some blogs for two weeks in a row. Normally I try to rotate through them, but hey – … Continue reading

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Making Better Food Choices

So this week, starting last Sunday, I’ve been working on getting my eating under control, giving up excess sugar, and trying to drop 5 pounds. It’s funny – almost every time I fall off the wagon for more than a … Continue reading

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What Would You Do With an Extra 15 Hours a Week?

So I have been drowning lately – work has been crazy, training has been eating my time like I eat leftover Easter candy, and frankly, I’ve just been tired. I was talking to my husband, trying to figure out why … Continue reading

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A Four Hour Training Block – Am I Nuts?!?

Life has been crazy lately. Not bad, just exceptionally busy. Even though last week was supposed to be a “light” training week (my Half Ironman plan involves 3 weeks of high intensity training, then one week of lower volume “recovery” … Continue reading

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