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Weekly Link Roundup – August 24, 2012

It’s been quite a week here on a personal front; I resigned from my job as a casino manager after almost 6 years with my organization. Effective September 11 I join a recruitment firm specializing in Finance & Accounting professionals … Continue reading

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Changes in Body Composition

I’ve been weighing myself once a month lately, and it seems to be working – I’m not losing a lot, but I’m holding steady, which is fine. I’m at my original goal weight anyway, so other than a desire to … Continue reading

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Planning Next Season – A Trip to Quebec?

Racing season is almost over. It was supposed to be over, but after my DNF on Saturday, we’re now thinking about doing the last local race of the season this coming weekend. There are a few challenges around doing the … Continue reading

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Weekly Update – August 20, 2012

I’d really like it if this stomach issue I’ve got would just go away. Ever since last Thursday, I’ve had nausea, gurgling, burping, and general stomach blech (yes, that’s the technical term). Add to that a pounding headache, and I … Continue reading

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2012 Riding Mountain Triathlon Race Recap – My First DNF

First, for anyone who doesn’t know, DNF stands for “Did Not Finish”. (DNS is Did Not Start, DFL is Dead Freaking Last). Saturday dawned early, and I was not feeling well. I’d actually been fighting stomach issues since dinner Thursday … Continue reading

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