Annoyance in the Pool – Long Hair and Swim Caps

So I went to the pool yesterday to get my swim in, and it went well – my fastest time in a long time! So I’m really happy, right? However, I know I would have been a fair bit faster had I not been fighting with my swim cap sliding off my head!

For the past year, I’ve been growing my hair out long. For a long time, a swim cap was necessary just to keep the hair out of my eyes. I bought a silicone one as opposed to latex, as they are supposed to tug and pull your hair less. (Plus, I could get the silicone one in a pretty pink colour!). It has worked pretty good since last spring. However, for the past several weeks, I’ve found that it is slipping more and more as I swim. I have to keep stopping and adjusting it, hair comes out and gets in my face, generally, it is a pain!

At first, I thought it might be because I have fairly oily skin, and the silicone was not gripping my skin well enough. I still think this contributes to the problem, but I really think that as my hair has grown longer, the sheer mass of hair is too much to be confined in my current cap!

I did a little internet research tonight, and it appears I have a couple of options, neither of which I’m thrilled with. I’m probably going to have to buy a new swim cap. There are swim caps designed for long hair, the best of which might be a “bubble” style cap, which I think are kind of ugly. The other option appears to be a swim cap that fastens under the chin, like a little kid would wear – also rather ugly. Ugh! But better that than tugging at my cap every second lap every time I swim.

So I guess I’m going shopping…

Goals update:

Yesterday’s goals were mostly accomplished. I got 1 blog post written, and 2 workouts done. I also know what dinner will be for Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. I skipped my run workout to get some Christmas shopping done, but I got a core workout done right before bed. So not quite all of them, but it was OK.

Goals for today:

1) Not over-indulge when eating – I have three meals out today, it would be far too easy to eat junk!
2) 1 workout – weights or core, probably. A bike would be better, though.
3) Plan goals for the weekend.

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2 Responses to Annoyance in the Pool – Long Hair and Swim Caps

  1. Peggy says:

    #1 When your training in the pool no one really cares what your cap looks like, Unless its one of the old ones with the spines and creatures on it. The “new ” Speedo silicon bubble cap is ugly and not that big, and its not that great for long hair. The silicon caps look like “conehead” with long hair. The traditional bubble strap caps work the best for me and they come in lots of colors and headsizes which most dont. Use what works best for you and remember #1

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