Awesome Links and Inspiration

There were some great posts in the blog world this week, some funny, some inspiring, some touching. Here are some of my favourites!

Chrissie Wellington doesn’t post often, but when she does, the posts are usually terrific reads. In this case, she tells a wonderful story of her recent Ironman South Africa world record!

Mac at Get Fit Slowly posted a guest post from Missy that really hit home – being a Repeat Offender at dieting, losing and then regaining the weight – most of us who have been obese can relate to this post!

Ryan at No More Bacon posted a great post about women, beauty, and appreciating the people we are – society has an artificial sense of beauty, we have to remember we are all beautiful!

No Meat Athlete featured a guest post from Johnny B Truant that really digs into the physiology of exercise science and how it affects your body chemistry – I learned lot!!

Finally, a link to a link to a link led me to this cool site that combines cupcakes and triathlons… too much fun in THAT combination! In this post, the author, Bertie, posts some cool photos of running mount and dismount practice for the bike transitions… – I have GOT to try this!

All in all, a pretty cool week of reading out there.

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