Back in the Pool, Trying to Get Back on Track

Yesterday I had a good long swim in the pool – 100 laps, 2.0 KM. Not super fast, but a good, steady swim. It felt great. This was after a good 9.0 mile long run Monday, plus weights at the gym Monday night. Really, it feels good to be back on track!

Now if I could just get my cravings for chocolate & sugar under control….

It’s been a busy couple of days! Bruce & I were accepted as election workers, and had training last night. I got my tattoo finished yesterday too – pictures soon! I also did a little more research into a couple of options I’m exploring. We’ll see what path I eventually take. 🙂

Quick post today, as I’m trying very hard to meet all my goals!

Yesterday, I accomplished pretty much all of them:

1) Swim 1 hour – done!
2) 2 strips of afghan – done!
3) Go to bed by 11:30 – heading there by 11:20 🙂
4) Election training & tattoo – done!

For today, my goals are:

1) Finish coaching homework
2) 1 strip afghan
3) Core work, including planks
4) Spend 30 minutes researching consulting work

I need a few days for my tattoo to heal before I can do a lot of working out, so I have light days planned for today and tomorrow. Hopefully I can get other chores done instead!

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