Beat the Heat Challenge – Week 4 Update

Beat the Heat Challenge

Weight Wars

It’s Week 4 of the 10 week challenge called the Beat the Heat Summer Challenge being hosted by WeightWars!

For anyone new to my blog, I’m Kris, a runner and wanna be triathlete. I used a combination of nutrition and exercise (I refuse to say “diet”!) to lose over 100 pounds since 2006, and this is my on-going journey to keep it off, and live the life I always wanted to!

This week’s positive picture is (again) not of me. We went Hot Air Ballooning on Friday!! It was a truly magical experience, and very fun. OK I guess I am in the first picture – I’m the one in pink. 🙂

On to this week’s questions!

Step 1: Progress on my Goals

1. Finish my first triathlon. Well, got some good news this week, my doctor says I can (slowly) start running again! So I walked twice last week, and my ankle feels good. Run training will start again on Tuesday.

2. Replace two missed runs with other workouts – this didn’t happen. I’m so good at excuses… frankly, I DID work two 14 hour days, and was super busy two other days, but really… I was just kinda lazy!

3. Lose 5 pounds. Huh… not making any progress here either. But then, it’s hard to lose when you’re not working out! At least I didn’t gain…

4. Tackle one of my 40 before I’m 50 list. Well, as reported last week, I bought pictures for the front room. They still aren’t hung. BUT…. Bruce and I DID go motorcycle (window) shopping on Friday. SO MUCH FUN! So now I’m committed to getting my learner’s permit before the summer is over. 🙂

5. Stop procrastinating on blogging issues. Well, as some of you may notice, I did update this site a little bit. I still need a customer header photo, but I’m waiting until my first triathlon, and I’m hoping to use race-related photos for a custom header. As for my second blog, lots of ideas, no action! I really MUST get to work on that this week. I did manage to start outlining several future posts for this site this week, which is big for me – I have a bad habit of running out of ideas!

Step 2: Positivity

What did you do this week to make yourself feel fabulous?

This week I actually did some fun stuff! Bruce bought me a hot air balloon ride for Christmas this past year (they are half price if bought in the off season, and make a great gift!), and we finally got to go on Friday! It was fabulous – so peaceful, and such an interesting view of the city! Then we had breakfast together, and went motorcycle shopping; really just a fun “date” day.

Step 3: Exercise or Couch potato?

Do you exercise? What’s your favourite kind and why?

Yes, lots and lots, now! Running is my absolute favourite, I find it great for relieving stress, and I can lose myself while I’m running – it’s my “me” time. Other than that, I now bike (not a big fan yet, I’m working on it), swim (another sport I love), do hot yoga sometimes (love it, just hard to find the time & money!), and I’m now doing weights, which I hate, but know I need to do.

Step 4: New Blogs

There are loads of fantastic bloggers here in the Beat the Heat competition, which blog or blogs have you discovered through the challenge that you particularly enjoy?

I try to read all the updates when they are posted, but there are a couple of blogs I’m getting right into, including Rebecca’s! I also like Brilliant Jen, and Munchberry over at I’m Just Puffy – her posts are so funny! And of course Marla at My Practical Life whose participation in the Challenge led me here in the first place…

Step 5: Fun Stuff

What song makes you want to dance at the moment?

Oh this one is a tough one – I’m a huge music fan, and my tastes range from 80s hair metal to current country music – all over the map! Right now, my marathon playlist on my iPod gets me moving – running, dancing, you name it! And it has everything from late 1980s The Cult (She Sells Sanctuary, Love Removal Machine), to The Quireboys (7 O’Clock), to Keith Urban and Brad Paisley! Told you it was all over….

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2 Responses to Beat the Heat Challenge – Week 4 Update

  1. Karen says:

    I’m very jealous of the hot air balloon – sounds like you had a great day. The simple days together tend to be the best!

    Hope your ankle continues to behave itself

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