Beat the Heat Challenge – Week 9 Update

Beat the Heat Challenge

Weight Wars

It’s Week 9 of the 10 week challenge called the Beat the Heat Summer Challenge being hosted by WeightWars!

For anyone new to my blog, I’m Kris, a runner and wanna be triathlete. I used a combination of nutrition and exercise (I refuse to say “diet”!) to lose over 100 pounds since 2006, and this is my on-going journey to keep it off, and live the life I always wanted to!

This week’s positive photo is of the 7-Day chip I earned a couple of weeks ago. I’m constantly adjusting my eating, and I added gluten back to my diet after doing the 7 day chip, and have really noticed a bloated feeling! As soon as some cereal is gone, I’m dropping gluten and processed foods again, I feel much better without them!

On to this week’s questions!

Step 1: Progress on my Goals

1. Finish my first triathlon. Done!!

2. Replace two missed runs with other workouts – this week was the best in a long time! I got 7 workouts in, including 3 bikes, 2 runs, a swim, and weights. Yay!

3. Lose 5 pounds. I’m back down a little this week, working to keep it off.

4. Tackle one of my 40 before I’m 50 list. STILL have not hung the pictures! No progress here.

5. Stop procrastinating on blogging issues. I did get a couple more good articles written, but I’m not making fast progress here.

Step 2: Positivity

What did you do this week to make yourself feel fabulous?

This was a good week! Bruce booked us a night in a theme suite hotel (Africa!), where we had a lovely dinner and spent some quality time together. Then we took Duncan camping for the weekend which was actually lots of fun too. It was great to spend some time relaxing.

Step 3: Down to the Wire!

This is week 9 and the final week of the challenge! Is there anything you want to really push to achieve now?

I really want to focus on my blogging! This has been slipping – the posts are still going up, but I’ve lost focus, and even motivation has been an issue some days. I need to figure out how to fix that!

Step 4: How was the Challenge?

How have you felt through the challenge? Has anything been more difficult than you thought? Anything easier?

The challenge has been helpful – everything I set as goals I wanted to accomplish, and while I won’t get them all done, the challenge has helped me stay on track on many of them. As for the ones I’ve let slide, the challenge helps remind me to review why they are important to me!

Step 5: Fun Stuff

Where do you fit in your family? Are you a middle child for example? How does that affect your “place” in the family?

I’m the oldest of two – and a typical oldest child. Generally responsible, very driven, Type A personality… the works. 🙂 For lots of reasons (including the fact my brother lives in Ireland and the rest of the family is back in Canada!) I’m the organizer and caretaker of family related stuff.

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  1. munchberry says:

    I think you can drop the “Wanna Be” part on the triathlete moniker.

    Oh such good news on the challenge front! Yay!

    And Africa? Sweet!

    Have a lovely week. what’s not to love, eh?

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