Beef Stew

I grew up eating stew, and quite liked it. Bruce tells me he’s never met a stew he liked. This meant that for the better part of 12 years, I haven’t made stew.

A few months ago, in the middle of a nasty winter day, I wanted stew, so I decided to create a recipe that combined what I liked in stew, and yet might be acceptable to my men – this is what I came up with, and even Bruce thinks it is pretty good!

You will need:

1 lb beef round or blade roast or steak (blade has more fat)
1 cup diced onions
1 tbsp olive oil
1.5 cups carrots
1.5 cups celery
2 cups diced potatoes
2 cups frozen mixed vegetables
2 tsp salt
1-2 tsp basil
1 tsp oregano
1-2 tsp gravy browner
1/2 cup flour
4-6 cups water

Cube the beef into cubes of the desired size – I like about 1/2″ cubes.

Heat the olive oil in a large pot, then brown the beef.

As the beef is browning, add the onions and cook until translucent.

While the meat and onions are cooking, combine the flour and 2-3 cups of water in a container with a lid, and shake to blend.

Sprinkle the seasonings over the meat. Add the carrots and celery to the meat mixture.

Add the potatoes next.

Pour the blended liquid over the meat and vegetables.

Add the remainder of the water, and the gravy browner. Simmer for 20-30 minutes, until the potatoes and carrots are tender.

Add the frozen mixed vegetables, and cook for 5-10 minutes more.

Serve immediately, or refrigerate and reheat later. This makes a terrific make ahead meal, and actually heats up pretty good in a microwave for lunches the next day too! It doesn’t freeze too well, though – it separates too much after freezing.

Nutritional data (per 1 cup serving, makes 8):

Calories: 180
Protein: 16 grams
Carbs: 20 grams
Fats: 4 grams

A rough cost estimate breaks out like this:

Beef: $2.50
Onion: $.50
Olive Oil: $.25
Carrots: $.50
Celery: $.50
Potatoes: $.75
Mixed Vegetables: $.50
Flour: $.25
Seasonings: $.25
Total: $6.00
Per serving: $0.75

I plan on trying this with chicken too – I think it will turn out great. You could also add canned tomatoes, or any other veggies you like (root vegetables such as parsnips or turnips would be a good addition).

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