Best 7.0 Miles in Months!

So yesterday I had a 7.0 mile run scheduled (and weights, and a swimming lesson… busy day!). I woke up at noon (I’d work nights the night before, no I don’t normally sleep until noon!!), did a few things around the house and talked to my mom for a while, then ate and got ready. I did weights first, trying to get into the mood to run. Then I hit the treadmill.

I started out normal, 6.0 mph, running easy and trying to plan the run – when would I walk, how often, could I make it 2 miles before I needed to? I was hoping to not walk more than 3 or 4 times. I haven’t had very many runs without walk breaks since my injury in July, and most of those have been short runs, so on a 7 mile run I figured I’d have to walk for sure.

But you know what? I managed to run the whole distance without walking once! And I ran it at an average of 9:37/mile (I increased the speed in 0.1 mph increments until I was running at 6.3 mph). I’m so proud of myself, and happy with the way my healing is progressing!

I have been running wearing a compression ankle brace from CEP, and it has been very helpful; I ran once without it and my ankle was tender after, so now I don’t mess around, I just wear the brace.

Today I’m running 14. I’m planning to intentionally run this one slower – running 10s and 1s, maybe running at 5.7 or so. I find it hard to run that slow, but I know it is the best way to make sure I finish comfortably. I have to remember that training for the Goofy is all about running lots of long, slow miles. I’m not trying to set any time records, I’m trying to finish happy, smiling, and healthy! After the Goofy is over, I can start training to run faster!

Goals update: Yesterday rocked!! I finished all my goals. 🙂

Today’s goals:

1) Run 14.0 miles
2) Crochet part of 1 afghan strip
3) Clean off part of bedroom closet shelf

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  1. PlumPetals says:

    Awesome work!!! I’m sure training to pace yourself is quite challenging, but I know you can do it 🙂 I think you’re doing an amazing job working towards hitting your targets!

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