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Happiness Online July Recap – Buy Some Happiness

Rebecca over at Weight Wars (who I find very inspirational, BTW – I have no idea how she manages to organize these fabulous challenges and projects!) has launched a year long project called Happiness Online, based on Gretchen Ruben’s book … Continue reading

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Why I Shop Local – Alter Ego Sports

So back in January I posted about my bike buying experience, going into great detail all the steps I went through to get fitted for a bike. What I didn’t spend a lot of time on was talking about the … Continue reading

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Triathlon Packing List – That’s a LOT of Stuff!!

Our triathlon is on Saturday!! And while we are both super excited, I’m also a little nervous about forgetting something – we are going to be four hours from home, in a small resort town, an hour away from a … Continue reading

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My Triathlon Wish List – Can Santa Come Early?

I was totally counting on Kenlie’s usual Friend Makin’ Mondays challenge over at All the Weigh to write a post for today – it was not to be! So since I have to come up with a post on the … Continue reading

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Another Big Purchase – Buying a Wetsuit!

Living in Canada, a wetsuit is actually required for several local triathlons, and although optional at others, it has been a very cold spring and it is doubtful most bodies of water have warmed up enough to swim any of … Continue reading

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