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Celebrating Local Business – Swimming Matters

I wanted to take some time today to talk about a local store that services the Winnipeg swimming/triathlon community. First, Winnipeg does not have a multi-sport store. I read with envy about stores in the US that cater to the … Continue reading

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Triathlon Packing List – That’s a LOT of Stuff!!

Our triathlon is on Saturday!! And while we are both super excited, I’m also a little nervous about forgetting something – we are going to be four hours from home, in a small resort town, an hour away from a … Continue reading

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Another Big Purchase – Buying a Wetsuit!

Living in Canada, a wetsuit is actually required for several local triathlons, and although optional at others, it has been a very cold spring and it is doubtful most bodies of water have warmed up enough to swim any of … Continue reading

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Skin and Hair Care

OK, so chlorine is horrible for hair, especially coloured hair. It’s not super good for skin either. For the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling with how to properly care for my skin and hair, considering I’m trying to swim … Continue reading

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