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Pain, Numbness, and a New Bike Saddle

OK – warning for any male readers I might have: this post may get a little graphic about my girly bits. Last year when I bought my bike, I was fitted by the manager at the bike shop. At the … Continue reading

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Ouch! My Quads Hurt!

I’ve been following the 24 week Half Iron distance training program for the last 4+ weeks (mostly). Every now and then, I deviate, either because I’m really tired, so I skip a workout, or because I’m feeling really good, so … Continue reading

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Fast Friday – 56 Miles is a LONG Way!

So yesterday I did a really good bike ride – 11 miles on the indoor trainer, maintaining a pace of over 15 mph. The pressure on the trainer was pretty tight, so I definitely felt I had to put a … Continue reading

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SNOW??? It’s Too Soon for Winter!

When I left work last night (this morning? It was 3:30 am!), what did I find as I got to my car? A frosty windshield and a light dusting of snow on my car! As I drove home, there was … Continue reading

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Short and Sweet

Some days just don’t quite go as planned. I generally write my posts the evening before and schedule them to post the next morning. Some days things kinda get out of control, and time runs out… So today’s post is … Continue reading

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