Chobani Greek Yogurt – I Won a Yummy Prize!

So a couple of weeks ago, I posted a comment on a blog I read regularly written by Katy Widrick. I honestly posted the comment because her balance issues made me laugh – they are so like my own! However, Katy was also doing a Chobani yogurt giveaway that day, and…. I won!

I really thought that I’d get a coupon for a free tub or yogurt (I was also hoping they’d tell me where I could find it in Winnipeg, I’ve never seen it here). Instead, I got a call on Wednesday that my yogurt would be arriving the next day by overnight courier! Wow!

When Bruce got home form work on Thursday, he found this:

I had him toss it in the fridge for me, and when I got home, I opened it up.

Inside, I found several ice packs covering not one, not two, but THREE large tubs of yogurt!

I’ve read so much about Chobani Greek yogurt, I was thrilled to try it. So far, I like it much better than the other brand of plain Greek yogurt I’ve tried, it’s not as bitter tasting. I substituted it for sour cream in a salad recipe for Christmas, and it worked perfectly, making it a much healthier dish. Now I’m looking forward to trying some different flavours of Chobani when I travel to Florida next month. (I really want to try pineapple).

I was also super impressed with how they packed and shipped the yogurt to me – there was no risk of this yogurt not arriving still cold and ready to eat.

So thank you Katy for the contest, and thank you Chobani for the fantastic yogurt! 🙂

Goals update:

I did pretty good yesterday! I ran 4.5 miles, I read 3 parts of Earn 1K, and I actually wrote pieces of 5 different blog posts (only finishing one, but hey, it’s a start!).

Goals for today:

1) 1 workout
2) 3 blog posts
3) Purchase park passes
4) Create To Do list

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2 Responses to Chobani Greek Yogurt – I Won a Yummy Prize!

  1. auntiekim says:

    How exciting to win something! I won a $50 gift certificate to my favorite restaurant in a random weekly drawing because I left a message on their wall saying how much I loved it. Anyway, Chobani is great. It’s my favorite ‘brand’ name greek yogurt. My other fave is the Safeway store brand. I love Chobani’s mango. YUM!!!

    congrats! Enjoy the yogurt.

    p.s. I make smoothies from them every Sat and Sun. One container of the yogurt (6oz?), one cup milk, one tablespoon splenda and one cup fruit. My fave is peaches and mango.

    • Kris says:

      Mango?? They have MANGO? Must try that! The best I can get up here is a peach-passionfruit that I love, but costs $1.49 a 6 oz container – too much! That peach mango smoothie sounds terrific too.

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