Clothes for Running and Cycling

This post was supposed to be a race recap from Sunday’s Half Marathon, but the race results still have not been posted so…

I started my triathlon journey as a runner, with a drawer full of running tops, shorts, etc. When I got kitted out for cycling, the manager of the bike shop advised that for cycling, my running socks and tops would do fine. Made of technical fabric, not overly loose, save a few bucks and wear what I have, right?

And I was doing that, although I was starting to look at buying a cycling top. Then I was surfing the Pearl Izumi website – I don’t really even remember why – and fell in love with this top:

Bruce bought it for me for Mother’s Day…. and I fell in love. Not specifically with this top, but with cycling tops in general. I love the front zip, which means they are never too tight on my neck. I’ve donated many running shirts for that one reason alone! But more than anything? I love the big pockets in the back! Meant to hold things like spare tubes, and snacks, they are also the perfect size to hold my iPhone, GU’s, kleenex, and more.

I now wear cycling tops to run in all the time. I love running to music, and have yet to find an iPhone holder I like, but slipping it into the pocket behind me is perfect. I no longer have to fumble with little pockets or pouches for GU packets. I can still access the pockets even when wearing my fuel belt over top. Wearing them has made running more comfortable for me, which is never a bad thing!

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