Creating Good Habits (Organization!)

I have a tendency to badly over-schedule my life. I’m a hyper Type-A personality who thrives on being busy, bites off far more than I can chew, and I have a hard time saying no to people or causes I support.

That said, the only way I can incorporate all the necessary training into my life is to create as many good habits as possible. This includes finding ways to improve my organizational skills, and streamline my routines in any way I can.

I have been trying to build daily menus that I can rotate through my schedule, to simplify meal planning. As long as I plan ahead, Bruce will cook, but I put a lot of effort into planning and advance prep to ensure our meals are healthy and balanced.

I eat two of my three meals, and at least one snack, at work. This means packing a (large) lunch, which can easily take over half an hour each evening. Add to that four other lunches that need to be prepared or coordinated, and it’s a time consuming event!

If I want to swim in the morning before work, I have to get up by 5:15, to get to the gym by 6:00. That means I have to lay out and pack up my gear the night before. I usually find I wind up forgetting at least ONE thing (one morning I wound up having to buy a new pair of shoes for work, having worn one black and one brown!).

All of this means that if I can create routines, shortcuts, and hacks, I have a better chance of keeping all the balls in the air without any crashing down! (Or a frantic trip to Walmart to buy new shoes!).

So far, here’s what I’ve done:

1) Purchased a makeup organizer, and filled it with travel size bottles of all my cosmetics for taking to the pool

2) Purchased a number of portable plastic containers, and filled them with pre-packed, labeled lunches, cereals, etc. for faster packing.

3) When I bring home fresh produce, I prewash, peel and cut to keep my fridge stocked, reducing prep time later.

Things I need to do include:

1) Finishing menu plans. Right now, I still plan out most of my meals on the fly, and this takes TIME. And if I lived alone, cereal & milk would be a perfectly OK dinner, but apparently I’m the only one here who feels that way. 😉

2) Set up a staging area where my workout stuff is well organized, ready to pack in a flash for nights when I’m trying to get up to go to the pool in the morning. This should eliminate missed items and early morning panics.

3) Set aside a block of time each day to prep for the next day. Right now, I try to do this in the evening, but usually get pulled 15 different ways at once (Mom, I need —- and then I forget where I was).

I’m not sure what else I can do – I’m sure there is more, but for tonight, I can’t think of anything.

Any suggestions on how to develop new routines are very welcome!

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  1. Priscila says:

    hello, wonderful blog, and a good understand! just one for my favorites.

  2. Owen says:

    Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

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