Duncan’s First Triathlon!

My (almost) nine year old son participated in his first triathlon yesterday! (And I’d like to note, before Bruce or I could do one of our own!!) His school runs a triathlon and duathlon every year, and he signed up to participate.

The event consists of a 50m swim at the local university pool, then a 4km bike ride to a local park near the school, and a 1km run through the park. So cool!

I had the day off, so went to watch him at a couple of points on the route and take some pictures to document his first tri experience. I didn’t go to the university for the swim, but caught him on the bike route:

I got a couple of him in the transition area and at the water station:

Then I moved up to the finish line to get a couple of shots of the run:

Duncan had so much fun, and was so proud of himself! I was super proud too, it was so good to see him participating in an event like this.

All the kids got a T-shirt for participating:

I have to say, it appears Bruce and I are setting a good example for the kids, because I’m sure two years ago he’s never have considered doing this, and now, not only did he have a blast doing this one, he’s all excited to join the Kids of Steel program and do a non-school related triathlon! Go Duncan!! 🙂

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