Fabulous Friends – Sharing Some Blog Love

I haven’t done a link round up here in a while, and I thought it would be nice to share some links this week. There are some terrific bloggers in the healthy living/fitness/weight loss community, and this week I wanted to share these posts. 🙂

Maren wrote a wonderful post about loving ourselves, called, appropriately, I Love Myself. Loving ourselves is a big part of losing weight and being healthy.

In a related post, Tara at A Life Changing Journey posted that we are not equal, but we are the same. Each of us struggles with weight or health in our own way – but we all make a decision to keep moving towards our own ideal.

Kevin at Ironman by Thirty posted an amazing tutorial on how he took apart his bike and replaced the chain ring and chain. I’m actually afraid of even trying to repair a flat tire, and he’s doing a major bike overhaul? So impressed! And with lots of photos and an easy to follow description of each step, he made it seem easy.

Katy Widrick reminded me that while you can do anything you want, you can’t do everything you want – at least not all at once! I forget that a lot, I’m impatient and want success right now. This was an excellent reminder that patience and time is important.

Kenlie at All the Weigh has run into some internet haters lately – not uncommon for bloggers. I love the fact that her standard is respect – for others, and for herself. We all deserve that much.

It was an inspirational week.

Goals update: Hey it was a good day! I blew off my scheduled 25 minute run to rock an 85 minute bike instead – yay me! My agenda is done, my son is registered for Driver’s Ed (boy do I feel old!), and typing this means I finished my blog posts. 🙂

Goals for the weekend:

1. Meeting with 1 of my department teams
2. 1 run workout
3. Finish Ironman book
4. Write 3 blog posts
5. Comment on at least 5 blogs
6. Finish 1 evaluation (2 would be better)

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4 Responses to Fabulous Friends – Sharing Some Blog Love

  1. PlumPetals says:

    Will check out some of those blogs 🙂 Am always looking for new sources of inspiration!

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the link love!!

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