Feeling Sick and Taking it Easy

So Monday night at work, my throat started to feel a little scratchy. Uh-oh. Almost everyone I know (and I mean everyone… all my kids, almost all my co-workers…) have been fighting a nasty cold/flu virus that has been going around, and they almost all say it starts with a sore throat, then blossoms into head/chest congestion, hot & cold flashes, etc. Fun stuff – especially the week before my first race of the season. Ugh!

So I sucked a throat lozenge, went to bed a little earlier than normal, crossed my fingers, and hoped. That didn’t work so well – I work up Tuesday with a throat that felt like it was being cut by razor blades. Ouch. So I turned off my alarm and slept some more, skipped my workout, medicated myself and went to work.

The good news is, I woke up feeling better Wednesday. Still not 100% – the head congestion had definitely kicked in. So I took Wednesday off from working out too, just to make sure I get enough rest. As I write this, I’m roasting some vegetables to take for dinner tonight (to avoid giving in to junk food or too many comfort starches), and I’m hoping I feel good by race time on Sunday morning.

Skipping a few workouts and taking a couple of extra rest days to try to nip this virus in the bud early is far better than pushing myself too hard and just getting sicker. Here’s hoping my plan works. 🙂

Goals: Yep. I skipped my workout yesterday. I worked on blog posts instead. I commented on lots of blogs, and read some too. Win!

Today’s goals:

1) 1 workout. I really, really want to be well enough to do even one today!
2) Board conference call. It’s earlier than I want ot get up, but I need to do it.
3) Write 2 blog posts
4) Read

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3 Responses to Feeling Sick and Taking it Easy

  1. Carina says:

    Keep taking care of yourself! Hope it passes quickly and easily…

  2. PlumPetals says:

    Sorry you haven’t been feeling well. Hope you fully recover soon. *hugs*

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