Fighting Stress, Finding Motivation, and Food Choices

Sometimes, I eat when I’m not hungry. It’s one of the reasons I used to weigh almost 250 pounds. I’ve tried to get better, to stop, but it’s almost like my brain chemistry is off. (Maybe it is – I’m no biochemist.)

I try to control it, I track my food most days, I try not to go over my calorie count, I work out to keep the weight off – it all helps, but in the end, the hardest part continues to be retraining my brain to not eat when I’m not hungry.

When I’m under stress, it’s even worse. I WANT to eat garbage. Lots of it. In an effort to avoid the crap, I eat healthier choices, but still too much – snacking on nuts, eating too much peanut butter, munching on granola. On really bad days, I dive into chocolate and ice cream.

These habits are not healthy, and are not helping me lose the 5-15 pounds I’d like to lose. Add to that the fact that high stress levels are linked to weight gain/retention due to an increase in cortisol, and I wind up in a weight loss desert.

So what do I do? First, I need to try to find a healthy way to battle the stress. There will always be stress in my life, some days it will be worse than others. I need to find healthy ways to get over, around, and past it.

Next, I have to continue to retrain my brain to not eat when I’m not hungry; to log my food; to weigh, and measure, and be accountable for what I put in my mouth. Not having extra junk around is important too. If it is there, I will eat it… so the best way to fix that is to not have junk food around. I started last night by giving away half a large bag of M & M candies. A small step, but a start.

It’s a battle, day by day. One worth fighting, because I’m worth it!

Thursday mini goal update:

1) Bike ride done!
2) Coaching homework done!
3) Afghan strip done!
4) Bed by 11:30 – yup!

Goals for Friday:

1) 1 afghan strip
2) Bike or bowflex
3) Menu for October
4) Bed by 11:15

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