Finding Motivation

So aside from not blogging in months, I’ve still got that wretched 15+ extra pounds that I gained last winter that I just can’t shake. I’ll blog more on that soon – I’m seeing a Naturopath in an attempt to find new ways to lose the weight.

My biggest problem right now is a combination of handling stress poorly, and a lack of motivation. Bruce’s illness is contributing to the stress – while I’m confident in the medical treatment he’s getting, I’m not sleeping well at all. He maintains I was sleeping poorly before we found out he was sick; maybe he’s right. Doesn’t matter, I still can’t sleep. That leaves me with next to no energy to get in my workouts!

Add to that a lack of desire to run or ride, and no race to train for, and doing my workouts is just not a priority. It’s funny too – because when I actually manage to lace up my shoes and run, the runs go well and I always feel so good after. As for swimming, as much as I hate getting up at 5:15 to get to the pool, my swims are going great most days.

By the time I get home from work, if I swam in the morning, I have zero energy left to bike or run; even if I don’t swim it takes every ounce of willpower I have to bike or run! So how do I combat that? I have a prescription for sleeping pills, but I’m trying very hard to take no more than 1-2 per week. They are addicting, and I don’t want to rely on them. You’d think, considering how tired I am, I’d be sleeping better, but nope. Maybe the Naturopath will help with that too.

So I’m looking for my motivation – if you see it, could you send it back my way??


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2 Responses to Finding Motivation

  1. PlumPetals says:

    Hi Kris.
    You have so much going on right now … how about just choosing one thing to target instead of trying to do so many things at once. Maybe right now just going for a walk with some good music is what you can cope with. At the very least, I’d try to schedule an hour of ‘me’ time each day. Use that time to sleep, mediate, read, walk, or whatever. I think keeping that time in your schedule will help you later when you are up for doing more active sports.

    As for eating, again, maybe right now you need to take it slow. Drop the 1 or 2 foods that are your biggest triggers and then slowly ease back into a more healthy regime.

    I hope that you’re able to get some rest soon x

    • Kris says:

      Probably the best possible advice! I need to break my sugar habit first; if I can get that demon under control the rest will come. As for exercise (or even “me” time), I’m trying to carve out some time each day, whether it is to work out, or read, or just relax!

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