Friday Links – Camping Weekend!

I feel like I’ve been running all week – and I don’t mean the training kind! Always more things to get done than I have time for – I need to drop a few things from my To Do list.

As part of that, I’ve gotten very behind on reading other people’s blogs lately – I read a few via email, and visit the rest directly, I need to learn to use a reader!! (Yes, I’m a complete failure at technology. So sue me. 😉 )

We’re off to the lake this weekend for our only camping trip of the year; I’m leaving the house uncleaned, books unread, blog posts unwritten… and I’m going to enjoy my 3 days at the lake. All of my other things can wait. 🙂

However, I’ve tried to get caught up a little, and have found a few great posts that I wanted to share:

Matt at No Meat Athlete sponsored a vegetarian runner at the Badwater Ultra Marathon this year… 135 miles through Death Valley in 120 degree heat! Badwater is one of those Ultra runs that runners dream about; it is invitation only, and only about 90 runners get accepted every year. The race recap is amazing!

Chrissie Wellington doesn’t update her blog super often, but I always enjoy it when she does. This post is all about the importance of rest and recovery – something both Bruce and I struggle with. After all, is some training is good, more is better, right? WRONG! Rest is crucial to improving, as Chrissie details.

Lauren’s mom picked her up a cool little item at their local dollar store – I have got to try to find these things here!! They would be so useful on long training rides and runs. Sometimes good things are both small AND cheap!

Sara just posted a wonderful look at transitions – life transitions, that is. She has gone from doing Ironman and 70.3 distance races to sprints and Olympic distances – and she has realized she loves it! She’s having fun again. It fits her lifestyle (with two small children) better. In other words, it’s where she is in life right now. And that’s a good thing. 🙂

Finally, over at Moms on the Run/Another Mother Runner, Dimity and SBS have been featuring the stories of various mothers/runners this week. Beth from Shut Up and Run shares her story (and I love her blog!), as does Kelly, whose story really spoke to me. Postpartum depression was not my problem, but anxiety was, and running really can help you get a sense of control back!

Hope you enjoy these!

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