Friend Makin’ Mondays – Bouncing Back

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FMM: Bouncing Back

FMM: What do you do when trying to reclaim your healthy lifestyle after a few emotional, unhealthy weeks?

I know Kenlie is looking for ideas on how to get back on track after a difficult time. But for me this topic is coming at a particularly opportune time too – I’ve been struggling too! Not really with my workouts, I’ve been knocking those down pretty well. But my eating has been derailed, and my motivation to do anything about it waxes and wanes with the numbers on the scale! It is so frustrating to seem to be doing everything right, only to not see any change on the scale. I also know it is not healthy to obsess over a number – if I feel good, if my clothes fit, I should be OK, right? Problem is, my pants currently fit about 5 pounds too tight too! Sigh.

So, on that vein, I’m doing something I hate to do. Today is Halloween, and I’m allowing myself 1 more bad day. (That’s the part I hate. I know I should just commit to starting TODAY. But I also know myself. Why set myself up to fail?) Tomorrow, I’m getting back on track. I use My Fitness Pal to track my food and exercise. I’m going to create a new page here where I’m also going to track what I’m eating. Maybe I’ll stay on track better that way!

What other tools can I use to help myself get back on track?

OK, a mini goals update and new goals for today:

I did 4/4 yesterday! Blog post, workout, Comicon with the kids, and 1 afghan strip.

Goals for today:

1) Write 2-3 blog posts
2) Comment on 4-5 blogs
3) 1 workout
4) Grocery shopping

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6 Responses to Friend Makin’ Mondays – Bouncing Back

  1. I hear you, Halloween is not the best day to start.
    I love myfitnesspal even though I have neglected mine lately.

    • Kris says:

      I have SO many issues with chocolate! So rather than fail right away, I’ll commit to start tomorrow… 🙂

  2. auntiekim says:

    I see you as so diligent and on track that it’s kind of nice to see that you’re human too LOL. Though I’m obviously sorry to hear you’re having a hard time staying on track food-wise. Hope you’re back on track soon!

    • Kris says:

      LOL… I’m so human, I promise! I sometimes wonder what clicked for me that allowed me to finally lose my weight, and then keep it off…. but now I’m struggling too so it happens to all of us. All we can do is keep trying!

  3. Sharilee says:

    It’s funny you mentioned grocery shopping because I think that’s important, too, to get good food into the house and start planning out good meals. Great post! I know what you mean about the “one more day,” thing, too. Sometimes you just have to make that day a write-off and start tomorrow!

    • Kris says:

      Yep. And grocery shopping is one of my least favourite chores! I went today, it was chaos, but I got lots of fresh fruits & veg, prepped most of it as soon as I got home, and have a fridge full of good food to eat this week.

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