Friend Makin Mondays – Have You Ever?

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FMM: Have You Ever?

1. …travelled outside your home country? Yes, but only to the US so far. I’ve been to the following states: Texas, California, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, and Nevada. (Many of these were inside airports or driving through on the way to somewhere else). I’m going to Florida in 3 weeks!

2. …performed on stage in front of at least 1,000 people? Performed? No. Been? Yes. (Graduation ceremonies, etc.). I have no particular talent that would have me performing in front of an audience of any kind!

3. …watched an episode of Jersey Shore? No.

4. …baked a cake from scratch? Yes, chocolate. That was how I was taught to bake them.

5. …worked in a grocery store? Yes. For almost four years, I worked in various positions in a large chain of stores. It was my first supervisory position, ever.

6. …dated someone who was your best friend first?  Sort of! Bruce was definitely a friend first. Best friend? Maybe not then, but he is now. 🙂

7. …made a difference in someone’s life during Christmas? I have been involved in collecting and donating Christmas hampers many times, it’s always a great experience.

8. …been on TV? Not that I know of.

9. …had cosmetic surgery? Not yet, but I’ve been at goal for 18 months, and I really want to!

10. …learned a second language? No – my language skills are terrible. I tried learning French in high school, and finally surrendered. I have no ear for it. I wish I did!

Now it’s your turn. I know it’s a busy week, but I hope you’ll take a few minutes to share your answers on your own blog. And if you do, don’t forget to come back here to link up in the comments. Now for a few other things….

Day 19. Today’s #WEverb11 prompt is Laugh.

#19 – Laugh. Contributed by Julie Jordan Scott

Tell us about your biggest belly laugh in 2011.

Well, this is actually from 2010, but it’s a running joke in our house still, and can get me laughing hard enough to pee myself if I’m in the right kind of mood! Last year, right after we moved into our new house, I told Bruce I was going to change the vanity lights in the basement bathroom to the spiral shaped low energy ones as I hate the stupid globe lights and they energy efficient ones cost less to operate. Bruce was adamantly opposed – he hates the look of the spiral ones, especially in place of the globe lights. So he “put his foot down” and stated that I would NOT be changing those lights. This led to me bursting into gales of laughter, as every time he “puts his foot down”… I get my way. Always. Every single time. (Funny thing is, I still haven’t changed those lights….). But this is now a running joke, and we both know it! (I’m not the type to allow anyone to “put their foot down” with me! We’re a partnership all the way… which is why it’s so funny when he makes these proclamations!) 😉

Goals! 2/3 for Sunday – I didn’t get my book read. I thought I’d get to read while getting my hair done, but instead I spent the whole time talking with my hairdresser… which was way more fun anyway. 🙂

Today’s goals:

1) Draft 3 blog posts
2) Spend 1 hour on consulting business
3) Workout

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6 Responses to Friend Makin Mondays – Have You Ever?

  1. Bella says:

    Cute story. I love that those lights are still up. 🙂

  2. I know what you mean, my poor Hubs knows I always get my way.
    Stopping by FMM

  3. auntiekim says:

    Do you think you’re going to get plastic surgery? For sure I am, hopefully end of 2012 or beginning of 2013. I’m a mess!!! LOL I know what you mean about language skills. When we were in France I kept mixing up Italian, Spanish and French. All in the same sentence! It was hysterical!

    I pretty much always get my way too. I have to try extra, extra hard to remember to not take advantage of that! Are you ever going to change the lights? LOL

    • Kris says:

      We have one credit card to pay off (it was a Zero payments, Zero interest deal, it is due in June 2012), then all the money we are saving for that will start going away to pay for surgery. It will cost between $6,000-$12,000 depending how much I get done, so I don’t want to borrow to pay for it. It will take a year or two to save, but it’s important to me.

      As for changing the lights… one day, when he’s not looking… 😉

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