Friend Makin’ Mondays – Holidays!

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FMM: What’s your favorite holiday? And why?

Hmmm… it’s funny, as an adult, I’m not super excited by any of them, really. I grew up loving Halloween and Christmas, for lots of reasons. I love dressing in costume, the spooky part of Halloween appeals to me, I love ghosts, goblins, vampires… lots of fun! As for Christmas, growing up it was always about family. We would usually gather at my grandmother’s house (my mom’s parents), and most of her brothers & sisters would be there, as would all my cousins. It was a huge family event, usually 25-30 people or more!

All the traditional, fantastic food, a beautiful tree, fresh cut from their farm, plus all the family around (and we live in Canada – a guaranteed white Christmas!).

But it’s different now. My parents spend Christmas in Texas. Every second year, my oldest boys spend Christmas at their dad’s house – this year, Bruce & I took Duncan to the movies on Christmas night! So even though I still love to decorate, our Christmas meals are scaled back (why would I cook for 20 when there are only 5 of us?), and it’s just not as festive. I do love making presents for people though. And I think my favourite part of Christmas is helping put together a hamper for a family every Christmas – especially buying presents for the kids in the family. 🙂

So really, I’d have to say, right now, my favourite holiday is probably Halloween. I love giving out candy to the kids who come to our door; I still like to get dressed up (our Comicon is always Halloween weekend – I was Lt. Uhura last year, and will be this year too!). I’d love to get into decorating the house and yard more, but time is always an issue. Maybe next year….

Finally, today’s mini goals summary:

Yesterday I did NOT swim before work – or at all. I did get another week of my training done, most of two blog posts written, and an afghan strip done. So, not too bad.

Today, my goals are:

1) 2 afghan strips
2) 10 items filed/put away off my desk
3) Get my run done (5.0 – 9.0 miles)
4) Do either weights, or my new core plan

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5 Responses to Friend Makin’ Mondays – Holidays!

  1. J says:

    I like the spooky part too…!

    My mom actually lives with me, so it’s fun having her there to celebrate with. No kids in my house yet…but maybe if I get my fostercare license, there will be some kids running around to entertain! I think that would get me to want to get into the season even more!

    • Kris says:

      I hit up the dollar store today and picked up decorations for Halloween – my 15 YO son is so happy! He loves decorating for Halloween. 🙂

      Nothing extravagant, but fun just the same.

  2. I love Halloween so much, I am so glad we don’t have infinite funds because I would be one of those transforming my home in to a Haunted house 🙂

  3. Hola! I came here from All the Weigh 🙂 I also chose Halloween as my favorite holiday for many of the same reasons you did! Best of luck on your tri!

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