Holiday Long Weekend Link Roundup!

Up here in Canada, the first Monday in August is a civic holiday creating a long weekend for us. Unfortunately, I work nights all weekend, so while Bruce and the boys have the weekend for some fun, I won’t be spending a lot of time with them until Monday. Ah well, good thing I love my job!

So, I regularly read Healthy Tipping Point, and I also follow her on Twitter. A few days ago, she tweeted about an online auction being held for charity to help cover some medical costs for a fellow blogger who has cancer. The auction was Monday – and the results were amazing. These bloggers raised over $26,000! That’s incredible!

Lauren had a guest post from a friend of hers titled “Boys Cry Too”… a race recap of a 1/2 Iron distance race that did NOT go as planned. As a complete beginner, it is actually reassuring when experienced athletes share their bad experiences; it helps us learn from them. Hopefully Ryan’s next race goes better!

Matt at No Meat Athlete has been experimenting with meditation during his runs. It’s an interesting concept, and one I think I’m going to try applying to my swim sessions.

At All the Weigh, Kenlie’s regular Friend Makin’ Monday topic was defining moments in our lives (specific to deciding to lose weight). For me there was no specific weight loss moment, but my decision to run was. I heard a radio ad for the Arthritis Society’s Joints in Motion program, and my mother had really bad arthritis in her knee – and the rest is history!

There were lots of other interesting things going on in the blog world this week, but my week has been crazy, I’m so behind in both my reading and writing! However, one last entry…

Big shout out to Jon Campbell… who completed Ironman Lake Placid last weekend… Jon is an IRONMAN!!!

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