iBungee Speed Laces Review

A couple of weeks ago I bought a pair of iBungee Speed Laces for my shoes. I had seen similar laces the night Bruce raced his duathlon, and thought they looked like a quicker way of getting into my shoes in transition. Plus, I’d been having two issues with my new shoes, and thought these laces might solve them. First, one shoe lace was constantly coming undone mid run – very annoying. Second, if I tied the lace tighter (to keep it from coming undone), the top of my foot started to hurt, and I’d have to stop and loosen my shoe. Either way, very inconvenient.

So I was able to pick these up at my local Running Room for $4.99. Due to the type of shoes I have right now, I only needed to buy the laces; Bruce bought a pair but also had to buy the Zero Friction lace locks to install on his shoes as well (an additional $4.99). I took them home, laced them into my shoes, adjusted them to a comfortable point, and prepared to give them a try.

(Photo courtesy of Speed Laces).

I have now run in them about five times, two of which were long runs of more than 13 miles, and two runs were speed work sessions. I can honestly say, I’m a convert! These laces work great – because they are elasticized, they are snug without being too tight, yet they slide on my foot in one quick tug. I never have to worry about them coming untied during a run, causing me to trip on the laces (yes, I’m clumsy 😉 ).

I have yet to try them in a transition setting, as I’m not practicing bricks yet, but I can’t see why they would cause me any issues. As well, they hold my shoe nicely, without being too tight, solving the other issue I was having – the top of my foot is no longer sore after my runs!

According to the website, they come in all kinds of cool colours, and in lots of different lengths, so you can get the right size for your shoe. My Running Room only had white – I’ll have to look for some funky colours somewhere else.

All in all, I give these laces high marks, and I’ll be sure to use them in all my shoes from this point forward!

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