Link Round Up – Swollen Ankle!

So I’m nursing a swollen ankle – my ankle was sore and a little purple after my marathon, but didn’t hurt too much, so I went for a short run, and now it’s swollen! But it’s not hurting at all…. not sure what’s going on, but I’m icing it, and hoping it will be ready to run on by Saturday.

With every training step I take towards my first triathlon, I’m more and more determined to one day complete an Ironman. That said, if race fees continue to rise, and races sell out as fast as this one did, it may become an impossible dream! TriSaraTops had a great opinion post about this, and I happen to agree with her. 🙂

Matt at No Meat Athlete tried running a 50 km Ultra with no real long run training based on a low mileage training approach advocated by a CrossFit Endurance program. His result? Disappointing, at least to him. Honestly? I think my own marathon could have gone better had I been able to get in more than one 20+ mile training run! I’m not an advocate of low mileage training.

I found motivation again at Chrissie Wellington’s blog – her race recap of the Kansas Ironman was terrific, and she helped raise a big chunk of money for charity while going on to win another event. A double success story!

Finally, after finishing a race, you need a place to hang your bling! Lauren posted a neat contest last week, and while the contest was cool, the prize was AWESOME! These customizable medal displays are SO gorgeous – I have to get one for myself, as Bruce and I have a growing collection of hardware, and no nice place to show them off. Thanks to Lauren for the great idea and link to the company!

Next week, I’ll be posting about all kinds of things, including our first open water swim (in our wetsuits!), lessons learned from my marathon, and hopefully a new training plan! I received an email with a 6 weeks to Ironman 70.3… I can tell you, I would NOT be ready in 6 weeks! But I want to get there, and I will.

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