Making Better Food Choices

So this week, starting last Sunday, I’ve been working on getting my eating under control, giving up excess sugar, and trying to drop 5 pounds.

It’s funny – almost every time I fall off the wagon for more than a couple of days, I wind up craving sugar (especially chocolate) and being mildly cranky for several days (withdrawal, anyone??).

So far this week, I’m doing OK! Sure, I’d still like to eat chocolate, but I’m not craving it. Skipping it hasn’t been a real problem at all. And that has been a nice change! So what am I doing differently this time?

I’m not really sure – I’m eating a LOT of fruit, so perhaps the natural sugars are helping curb the sugar cravings I normally battle. I’m also making sure I get lots of protein, which I know helps me feel full and satisfied longer. Either way, it’s a nice change so far.

Today is going to be a bit more of a challenge – we are having take-out for dinner tonight, fried chicken, tacos, and french fries. Lots of fatty calories, but still no real sugar issues, so hopefully I’ll be OK. I’ve got two workouts scheduled to help burn off all those nasty calories anyway!

Goals update: I did OK. My dentist appointment was unpleasant – I had a filling replaced, and I hate getting frozen. 🙁 I did write 2 blog posts, and I managed to comment on at least 5 blogs. I think just 5, but hey, I did it!

Today’s goals:

1) Bike workout
2) Swim workout
3) 2 blog posts
4) Read 1 chapter of anything!
5) Crochet 1 piece of blanket
6) 2 items of To Do list

Yes, I have a busy day planned – here’s hoping I can get most of it done!

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2 Responses to Making Better Food Choices

  1. PlumPetals says:

    I think that I should try to give up sugar too. I don’t eat a lot of it, but probably whatever I do eat is literally weighing me down.

    Well done for getting it under control 🙂

    • Kris says:

      I find I do so much better when I cut out simple sugars. Carbs aren’t my issues, a little bread and rice is OK. But simple sugars like chocolate and candy sends me into ugly craving spirals!

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