Monday Morning Update

I really need to start doing my weigh ins again, but for now, I’ll just post the results of my appointment with the Naturopath on Thursday.

My weight was 156.3 pounds – slightly higher than my personal scale, but I also had a few clothes on so I was happy to see my home scale must be pretty accurate. My lean muscle mass was about 104 pounds (I didn’t get a copy of the printout, so this is all from memory), which gives me about 67.5% lean muscle, and 32.5% body fat, give or take. Our goal is 75%/25% so I have some work to do.

The good news? Some of my numbers were really good – my intracellular and extracellular water numbers were excellent, as was one other number that I can’t remember right now. Her opinion? Other than needing to deal with my stress/sleeping issues, which we know are driven by Bruce’s illness, and lean down a little, I’m very healthy. So YAY! 🙂

She prescribed two supplements, one to help regulate my cortisol levels, the other a calcium/magnesium blend that replaces my regular calcium supplement and should help me sleep better at night. Other than that, minor tweaks to my diet (first big one, give up processed sugars and reduce my carbs, replace them with more high quality protein) were all I need to do. So I’m working on that now.

As for my plans for last week, I did OK, but not super. I slept so well on Sunday night, I actually felt like myself on Monday. Tuesday I swam, and slept OK; Wednesday I actually ran 4 miles and felt awesome. However, I slept so poorly Wednesday night that not only did I feel awful on Thursday, it carried over to Friday; then I worked Saturday and was just wiped. I slept well Saturday night, and on Sunday managed another very good (if cold! Winter is coming!) run. So 1 swim, 2 runs. No bikes… but I’m just happy that I ran twice and both times felt really, really good.

So the plan for this week is… swim Tuesday & Thursday morning, and perhaps Saturday. Run Wednesday, and perhaps Sunday (I’m supposed to work that day). Ride Tuesday after work, maybe. Thursday is Halloween, which means the evening is tied up with the kids. 🙂 This weekend is Comicon, and I think we’re going Friday night. Either way I’m crazy busy so getting any workouts in will be a challenge.

We’ll see if I do better this week with the plan!

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