Mountains of Laundry

There are things other bloggers don’t talk about, at least not that I’ve read. There are things other athletes may talk about, but none have ever shared this information with me.

One of those things is laundry. Now, there are certain household chores I hate, like cleaning bathrooms. There are some I actually enjoy, like cooking. Laundry generally falls in the middle – I don’t mind washing, drying, folding & storing clothes (except my sons’, a full load is a TON of little items to fold!).

To make life easier, last year I bought a new laundry system for Bruce & I, with three removable canvas bags, to be able to sort by colour as we put dirty clothes in the hamper. Then you take the full bag down to the laundry room and there is no sorting, just pop everything into the washer and press the buttons. We kept our large old hamper to continue to store towels and sweaty workout clothes.What we didn’t realize when we took up this crazy dream of triathlon, though, was that laundry is like bunnies…. it multiplies when you’re not looking!

Last week, I think I washed at least 11 loads of laundry – just for the two of us! I’m getting in two workouts most days, as is Bruce. Each workout produces shorts, socks, a sports bra (for me), multiple headbands, and towels if it is a swim or yoga workout. And I do not re-wear sweaty workout clothes! We have a fair number of older towels for swimming/yoga, but each trip to the pool means two towels for me, as does each yoga class. Factor in I only have two new good running bras, two proper pairs of cycling shorts, and three favourite pairs of running shorts – well, no wonder I have to do laundry every second day (minimum!).

Plus, lets face it – they stink up the place if you don’t was them quickly. Our hamper is in our closet – left to sit, the odour would be overwhelming, and our clean clothes would absorb it too. Yuck! And so we tackle our mountains of laundry, with the running joke being that if there is nothing in the washer, and nothing in the dryer… something must be very wrong. There are times though, I wish I had either a housekeeper to take care of it, or… a whole lot more workout clothes so I could go a couple of extra days!

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