New Feature – Just Surfing Around

I thought I’d share some links to articles by other bloggers that have caught my attention this week – sometimes there is inspiration out there on the world wide web!

Over a No Meat Athlete, Matt has gone Vegan. And while I’m currently attempting my 10 day vegetarian experiment (so far, so good…), and I have vegan friends and relatives, this article is actually the type of article that turns me off a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. I grew up the granddaughter/niece of beef cattle, dairy cattle and chicken farmers. No, they didn’t operate factory farms, and yes, I do believe factory farms are horrendous. But the generalization that all farmers behave this way irritates me to no end.

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum, MacDaddy at Get Fit Slowly has gone Paleo! I think I’d miss the grains (a lot!!), but I may give the paleo diet a 10 day try after I’m done my 10 vegetarian days. Mac is a runner too, and seems to be doing just fine!

Over at Healthy Tipping Point, Caitlin is writing about an injury that forced her to withdraw from one race, and may force her to walk a second. This hits close to home as Bruce has a bit of an injury right now too – more on that in another post next week.

Just a short list this week – it’s spring break, and instead of surfing the ‘net, I’ve been hanging out with my boys. Sometimes just being a Mom is a pretty good gig. 🙂

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