New Kicks – Cushy New Runners!

In the four years I’ve been running, I’ve gone through many pairs of shoes. Almost all of them have been Nike Air Vomero models, like these ones (currently retired from anything except shopping and chores!):

However, when the time came to replace those ones, my local store was out of the latest Vomero in my size, so I wound up buying these ones:

Although they are also Nike, they are a couple of grades down from the Vomero (I believe they are the Nike Air Zoom), and not quite as cushioned. We won’t even talk about the pair of stability shoes I bought on the recommendation of the store – they lasted less than 50 miles before I donated them because they HURT me – my knees, my hips… My gait analysis says I over-pronate. My wear pattern says I over-pronate. But if I wear anything other than a neutral cushioned shoe, every body part I have hurts!

For my next pair, I switched brands – I tried the Brooks Glycerin. These were a nice cushioned shoe, with lots of room in the toe box. I have long toes that curl upwards, I need the extra space.

I bought these last year, just before our June half marathon. They had maybe 100 miles on them by Christmas, due to my not running for several months for health reasons last fall. But they are my everyday shoes now, and I’ve logged over 300 miles already this year – which means they are due for a replacement soon.

Last weekend our local running store had a 4 day sale, where with the purchase of one pair of shoes, you could get all other items for 20% off, including other pairs of shoes. Considering Bruce also needed shoes, this was a good opportunity to save a little money on shoes we had to buy anyway.

I had planned to go back to the Nike Vomero’s, and they did have them in my size. Once I tried them on, though, I wasn’t 100% happy with the feel – they weren’t as cushioned as I remembered. The store didn’t have any Brooks Glycerin in my size either. I asked to try the Asics Gel Nimbus instead. I’m not sure if the clerk didn’t hear me, or just grabbed the wrong box, but I wound up trying on the Asics Gel Cumulous instead. And so…..

These are my cushy new kicks! I had my first run in them on Monday (two 2.5 mile runs, duathlon practice), and they feel wonderful! I love buying new shoes, especially when they feel perfect on the first run out of the box!

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