Ouch! My Quads Hurt!

I’ve been following the 24 week Half Iron distance training program for the last 4+ weeks (mostly). Every now and then, I deviate, either because I’m really tired, so I skip a workout, or because I’m feeling really good, so I workout a little harder.

Last week, I re-arranged some of my workouts – I did my long ride on Thursday because I didn’t feel like running, I rested on both Friday and Saturday, and then for my long run, I did the planned 45 minutes and added the 25 minute run I had skipped… and tacked on an extra 9 minutes too. So I did ride and run extra – then on Monday I had a brick workout scheduled.

I was supposed to ride 30 minutes, and run 15. But I felt GOOD! So I rode 40 minutes, really hard. Then I ran 25 minutes, and did that fairly hard too! I felt good. I felt strong. I felt fast!

However… by Monday evening, my quads HURT! I skipped my weights workout Monday night, I just wasn’t up to it. I woke up Tuesday morning, and aside from having gone to bed too late Monday night, I was still sore all over – no running for me.

I know I’m getting stronger. I know my muscles are building up, and this soreness is just a sign of me pushing myself. This is not injured sore – this is just my body protesting against me. It’s actually a good sore. 🙂 But in the mean time, I have to reorganize my week to make sure I get my workouts in! 😛

Goals update: Well, as I said above, I skipped my run workout, but I did swim and actually wrote 2 blog posts. Progress of sorts.

Goals for today:
1. 1 blog post
2. 1 bike workout
3. Attend school play
4. Figure out when I can squeeze in the missed run workout!

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2 Responses to Ouch! My Quads Hurt!

  1. PlumPetals says:

    I’m also at the point where I need to reorganize my week — why do I feel like I need to do this every week?! I’m hoping it’s a sign of progress and gaining strength!

    Awesome job on the workouts Kris 🙂

    • Kris says:

      I think we all take on too many things, and wind up trying to juggle it all… sleep is what I tend to sacrifice, and I can’t keep doing that.

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