P90X – The End of Week One

I have now done one full week of P90X workouts, plus started week 2. When I first started, I really didn’t know anything about P90X, or what to expect. Bruce had only been doing it for 2 or 3 days, and I hadn’t watched any of his workouts. I just knew he was sore. But I want to do an Ironman, and I know I need to get stronger. I figured this would be a decent way to do it.

First up, here is a list of the Week One workouts:

Day One: Chest & Back (mostly push ups, pull ups, chin ups)
Day Two: Plyometrics (body weight workout, mostly lower body)
Day Three: Shoulders & Arms (weight workout, just what it says)
Day Four: Yoga
Day Five: Legs & Back (lots of lunges and squats)
Day Six: Kenpo X (kickboxing/boxing style workout)
Day Seven: Stretching (or an off day)

Here’s my take: If you are not an active person, if you have decided P90X is the right way for you to get your fitness back, I think this 7 day series (repeated three times for the first 21 days, followed by a recovery week) works great. If you’re not doing any other activity, this is an hour (or 90 minutes for yoga) out of your day. However…. when you are already trying to follow a fairly intense training program (marathon, half marathon, triathlon), trying to fit another 7+ hours of workouts into your week is really, really tough. Plus, if you’ve never done any strength training before (me!!), you’ll hurt. A lot, at first.

So what to do? I have two half marathons coming up in the next few weeks, skipping training for P90X isn’t really an option. I need to keep swimming to get better too. As for cycling, I’m purposely taking a couple of weeks off/really light, but then I plan to get back at it… Ironman is less than 48 weeks away! 😉

So while I will continue working my way through P90X, I will not be following it to the letter. I will probably average four workouts a week, as opposed to seven. I still think, even at that pace, I will see improvements in my strength, muscle definition, and tone. I’m also sure that if I can get my diet under control (which I’m struggling with right now), I will even lose a few pounds. But at this point, just getting stronger is my goal.

Goals update: I don’t even remember what goals I set for this week – honestly, life has been so busy!! Garage sale? Is going to have to wait until spring. I just don’t have time. Two workouts? I did 2 P90X workouts back to back on Monday, then swam and ran on Tuesday, and biked a little on Wednesday! I think I’m good. 😉

Upcoming goals:

1. Write 1 blog post
2. 1 swim workout
3. 1 run workout
4. Read something 🙂

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4 Responses to P90X – The End of Week One

  1. Jenn says:

    I love that getting strong is your #1 goal – not just losing weight. They tend to go hand in hand eventually, anyway.

    I give you lots of credit for adding P90 to your routine. The yoga work out is NO JOKE. Seriously hard!

    Keep training, you are awesome!

  2. Carina says:

    I’ve never done P90X but if anyone took even a 60 second look at my racing results spreadsheet (which goes back to my first adult-living-in-Dallas race in 2003), you can pinpoint exactly where strength training began to pay off. I started strength work (through a boot camp, so it’s a mix, but weights and body weight exercise, plenty of cardio) in Jan. 2007, going 3 days per week minimum, but rarely more than 4. And then boom, 3-4 months later, my running times started to accellerate noticeably. The difference was huge. I think if you already train regularly, strength and core work is the strongest single thing you can do to improve. I seriously couldn’t endorse it enough, and I’m sure you’ll say the same thing after you’ve done it for a while as I expect you’ll have similar results. Enjoy!

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