Radiation Day 1. 34 Days to Go

So as I posted yesterday, Bruce has throat cancer. He started treatments yesterday afternoon, which consist of daily doses of radiation 5 days per week, for 7 weeks – a total of 35 treatments.

The lovely list of future side effects is long and ugly, including dry mouth, swelling of the throat, difficulty swallowing, etc., etc. However, for now at least, he feels fine.

I’m not feeling so hot though…. I handle stress poorly. For the last three weeks, my sleep has been crappy, which leaves me tired all the time. Which leaves me with little energy to work out… which leaves me eating and gaining weight, and that upsets me, and the cycle continues.

I put on 15 pounds last winter, was never able to shake it even during Ironman training, and now am struggling to keep my emotional eating under control. Frustrating to say the least.

The plan is to try to keep moving forward and keep life as normal as possible for as long as possible. Easy to say, not quite as easy to execute. I didn’t realize how much motivation I got from Bruce until now – he’s not working out, and I have so little oomph to be doing this on my own. Our next big race is 10 months away, I have lots of time to start training. I need to take care of him, I need to spend time with him. Pick any negative, pathetic excuse you can think of, I’ve probably used it lately.

I’m seeing a Naturopath in a few weeks to try to tackle the weight gain that has dogged me for 10 months. I’m going to see both her and my family doctor about my sleeping issues at the same time, if I’m not sleeping better by then.

In the mean while, Day 1 is over. We have 34 days to go.



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2 Responses to Radiation Day 1. 34 Days to Go

  1. PlumPetals says:

    It will be tough, and I’m sure there’s a lot you need to do, but do take time for yourself. It’s important for both you and for Bruce. Being tired or frustrated or too emotional will make it more difficult for both of you. Give yourself some breathing room and some time. x

    • Kris says:

      Right now I’m just working on maintaining some form of “normal”…. including keeping up some type of workout routine.

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