Rest Days

So, I’ve never tried to train for a multi-sport event before. All my previous training revolved around running half marathons. Rest days were built into any schedule by default.

As well, in the past, I’d be juggling shift work, school classes, kid things… there were just some days where a workout was pretty much impossible! Unfortunately, I didn’t factor that into my training schedule when I built it. And apparently, I’m human after all (although I’ll deny it to the end!). Yesterday I was supposed to swim and hour, bike 30 minutes, and run 2.0 miles. That was the original plan.

On Wednesday, we had an emergency meeting at work, which threw a wrench into my day and left me with a headache, so I traded my scheduled 5.0 mile tempo run for Thursday’s bike/run brick. So that meant yesterday I was supposed to run a 5.0 mile tempo run instead, right? Um… not so much. I woke up exhausted, with heavy legs and sore everything. So I decided that a rest day was in order. After all, I had to run 11.0 miles today! Which I did, although slower than I would have liked.

Going over this past week, I’ve done over 9.0 hours of workouts. This is pretty aggressive for me, and I’m not only ramping up time, but distance and speed too. If I don’t plan more rest, I’m going to get hurt.

So I’m going over my training plan, and making some adjustments. The fact is, our bodies need rest. Especially after days where we’ve worked hard, like a long run, or a double workout day (I did 2 hours the other day of run/cycle work), we need to allow our muscles to recover and heal. It may mean I progress slower than I would have liked. But it will probably reduce my risk of developing an injury. And getting injured would set my training back even further.

I’m trying to make sure I get one day off completely at least once every two weeks. Any day that follows a really strenuous workout like a long run will either be an off day, or nothing more than a swim day. Hopefully, this will be enough to keep me rolling along all spring, and still have me ready come race day!

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