Running Skirts At Bargain Prices!

First off, let me say, I know there are two sides to the running skirt issue. I’m a dedicated shorts girl… skirts always seemed too “frou-frou” for me. Plus, having weighed 244 pounds, who wants to wear a skirt?

But over the past couple years, I’ve been eyeing a skirt or two… found a cute one at Lululemon, but wasn’t 100% sold. And Bruce has been bugging me to buy one, he thinks they’re super cute (OK, he likes me in a skirt, sexist man!). So I’d been planning to spend about $50-$65 on one for running this spring. I pay $40 for the compression shorts I like, so the extra didn’t seem too bad to me.

Then I walked into Costco… I love Costco. (A lot, apparently. I just got my rebate check for my purchases last year, and it was WAY more than I thought it would be!). I buy yoga pants there all the time, not to wear to yoga (I prefer shorts), but just for casual wear. My favourite kind are their “tuff athletics” brand, and a pair of pants is usually $18 – $20. So this trip, I was looking for sports bras, and decided to check out the table with the yoga clothes, and bingo! They had the cutest “yoga skirts”. They are made of the same fabric as the yoga pants, by the same company. Now, I run in my yoga pants in the spring and fall, so I know the fabric works for running. And they had a little zipper pocket to keep keys, or gels, or whatever while running too. Best part? The price!! Only $16! I had to buy two at that price.

So here they are:

And in blue:

I haven’t worn them to run yet, but I wore one for yoga at home this week and it was super comfy, so I’m happy with them. Yay Costco!!

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2 Responses to Running Skirts At Bargain Prices!

  1. Natalie says:

    Gotta love the deals at Costco. Last time I was there I got the $16 yoga pants, although I wear them running not for yoga. I’ve always felt like if I was going to run in a skirt I’d want to wear shorts too and then what’s the point of the skirt.

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