Running Sprint Workouts at the Track

Last Friday night Bruce & I hit the track to do some speed workouts. First, it was 27C, with the humidity making it feel like 31C (over 90F for my American readers). Um…. YIKES! That was hot. So I did something I never do, I ran in just my sports bra. Know what? No one cared. Including me. So THERE was a non-scale victory I never thought I’d see!

The half marathon training program we’re following doesn’t have any speed workouts. This is very frustrating, because the whole point of signing up for this clinic was to get faster! Sigh. So we’re improvising and adding in some workouts on our own, replacing other runs with track workouts. I’m supposed to run my speed workouts at an 8:19 pace.

I really need to learn to work my Garmin better; Bruce managed to set his to record each loop of the track as a lap, so he has beautiful splits; mine are not as pretty. In fact, I’m not even sure I’m reading the graph right, but it appears that I hit the following paces during my 5 “sprint” laps:

Laps 1 & 2 were warm up laps done at about or just under 10:00/mile
Lap 3: pace was as low as 6:45/mile, but averaged just under 8:00/mile
Lap 4: Resting interval; walked/jogged the lap
Lap 5: pace was as low as 6:49, but averaged around 8:00/mile
Lap 6: Resting interval; walked most of the lap
Lap 7: pace was a little slower; lowest was 7:15 and probably averaged about 8:15/mile
Lap 8: Resting interval; walked most of the lap
Lap 9: pace was as low as 7:02, but the average here was more stable, about 8:00/mile again
Lap 10: Resting interval; walked most of the lap
Lap 11: pace as low as 7:06, average was about 8:15
Lap 12: Final lap, done at a jog.

I’m not unhappy – the speed laps were faster than I thought they were, which is great. I want to get my resting intervals up though. Less walking, more slow running. Practice!

Goals update: Well, I did OK. I actually did a lot of blogging, and lunch with Bruce was great (we went to a pond and fed ducks. Very fun.) The financial calculations? Did not go as well as hoped. 🙁 I did them, I just didn’t like them. The run got blown off though – I got less than 4 hours sleep and went in to work early so I could leave early. It was worth it!

Today’s goals:

1. Bake cookies/muffins with my youngest boy
2. Finish 2 blog posts
3. Send 3 emails
4. Run workout
5. Family dinner

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4 Responses to Running Sprint Workouts at the Track

  1. Carina says:

    I ended up doing a sports bra run this weekend too, only about the third of my entire life. It makes me so uncomfortable, but it was less uncomfortable than wearing short sleeves! But usually if I’m in a tank, the heat doesn’t bother me since there’s minimal difference between the tank and without the tank. It’s the sleeves that seem to make me feel hot.

    • Kris says:

      I never run in just my bra, but it was so hot, and my two tri tanks were in the wash. It was worth it!

  2. Maren says:

    That is a FANTASTIC non-scale victory! I am very happy for you!

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