September 30 Day Health & Fitness Motivation Challenge

I got sucked into a blog rabbit hole the other day, and stumbled across this 30 day motivational challenge for September at Nutritious Eats. Melanie, the author, is a Registered Dietician and blogger, and this 30 day challenge is full of great one day challenges to get you thinking about your lifestyle.

What I really liked about it was you can move the days around to suit your life better – so for example, #7 is a fruit/vegetable juice fast day. But the 7th is my son’s 16th birthday, so I’m going to move the juice fast to a different day and do another activity on that day.

Some of these tasks are easy for me – I already run a lot, so #12 & #13 are easy for me. Bake something healthy and share with a friend or neighbour? (#9) I’ll probably bake muffins or homemade granola bars to take in to work for my last day of work at my current job, just to say goodbye.

Each day is a simple task (even the juice fast, or eating vegan), and each one is only for one day – you can do anything for one day, right? But it gets you making conscious decisions about your food, your activity level, and your life in general. It maybe gets you outside your comfort zone. And it should be fun. Anyone want to join me?

Short post today – I have so many partially written posts right now! I still need to write my Pinawa race recap (downloading and editing a few photos is the current delay…), I need to write my Foodie Penpals reveal post, I want to write a review of Chrissie Wellington’s book, plus the August/September Happiness Online posts are coming up too! And that’s only for this blog, never mind my other one! (I have 11 posts in draft status over there, plus a bunch of ideas on paper…)

Goals update: 2 blog posts finished? Yes. 🙂 Start organizing? Well, the beauty part of saying “start” is that you don’t have to get much done to say you started. 😛 I don’t really think putting one purse on the garage sale pile counts though. Contact list for new job? I made good progress on it, and got it emailed.

Today’s goals:

1. Run workout
2. Menu plan for 2 weeks
3. Finish entering workouts into Google calendar

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2 Responses to September 30 Day Health & Fitness Motivation Challenge

  1. PlumPetals says:

    Lol Kris – “the beauty of start is that you don’t have to get much done to say you started” – I’m right there with you on that one! 🙂

    Good luck with the challenge 🙂

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