Sidelined (Temporarily) by An Injury

OK, very short post today – training has been temporarily derailed by a sore shoulder. It’s been “clicking” while lifting weights for a few weeks; it started doing it while swimming last week. Monday was bad, but Wednesday I got out of the pool after 150m. (6 laps). Yikes… this isn’t good.

So I saw a physiotherapist on Wednesday night, who gave me some exercises, told me to go for a massage, and told me to lay off weights and front crawl for a little while. I do not have a torn rotator cuff (yay!!) or any other major injury – I appear to have a pectoral muscle imbalance. My left pectorals are way, way tighter than my right ones, causing the clicking. So the massage will help, and the exercises she gave me will stretch out my pectorals and help strengthen them. Ouch, but it could have been so, so much worse.

The best news? I can still run and cycle, and I can even swim (breast stroke and flutter board kicks only). Hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll be right as rain again.

So there it is… sigh. But race day is tomorrow, and at least I didn’t mess that up. Plus, but getting it treated early, I have prevented any lasting damage that could have impacted Ironman training for next year! Here’s to listening to your body….

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4 Responses to Sidelined (Temporarily) by An Injury

  1. Rebecca says:

    I really hope you are better soon xx

  2. PlumPetals says:

    Glad the injury isn’t keeping you from doing most of your exercises.
    Good luck with your race tomorrow! 🙂

    • Kris says:

      Thanks! The injury is more annoying than anything, thankfully it isn’t painful. Back to normal in a week or two, I hope!

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