Sometimes You’re The Windshield, Sometimes You’re the Bug!

On Tuesday, I had a long bike and run scheduled. I had it all planned, I had my gear and nutrition packed, I headed out to Birds Hill Park. It was a little windy, and the forecast was for hot and humid, but I was ready – I thought. In the end, I cut the ride short, and knocked out a slow painful run. It was not a good day. Some days are like that – you’re the bug.


Yesterday, we had a swim scheduled, plus I wanted to get in either a bike or a run after. It was hot and humid again, and getting into our wetsuits was a struggle in the heat, but the swim went fairly well, then we hit the bikes, and I knocked out an awesome loop around the park! Even though it was a little windy, I made Bruce chase me around the loop, and we averaged almost 17 mph over  the loop. I’m super happy with that! Then we  topped it off with a nice little run – 2 miles in 20:08; so almost 10 minute miles. After a hard bike? That’s a good time! Sometimes you’re the windshield….

I did have a little bit of hip pain after the workout, but a little A5-35 seems to have taken care of that, and I also got a bit of sunburn resting on my hammock earlier in the afternoon, but it doesn’t seem too bad. Fingers crossed that all goes away without an issue!

Bruce was impressed with my speed last night – normally he’s faster than me, but he really had to work to keep up with me on the bike, and even on the run, the heat got to him more than me. Unfortunately, the Racine race starts in waves, and his wave starts about 30 minutes before me, so he’ll be ahead of me all day. We won’t see much of each other. If I were starting 30 minutes before him, we’d probably wind up running most of the half marathon together. Bummer. Ah well, this way we’ll each run our own race.

Goals update! Yesterday was awesome… swim, bike, AND run! Took son to allergist… he’s now also allergic to eggs, as well as cats and tree nuts. Fortunately, it seems pretty mild, and eggs in baked goods aren’t an issue. He just can’t eat them. Still a little scary. I started my master list of things that need to be done. Finally, I did manage to write more than 2 blog posts. So a good day all around.

Today’s goals:

1. 1 workout – probably a run, possibly a bike
2. Finish recruiting document
3. Review survey results at work
4. Finish 2 blog posts
5. Comment on 10+ blogs

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8 Responses to Sometimes You’re The Windshield, Sometimes You’re the Bug!

  1. Carina says:

    You deserved a windshield day! Congrats!

    I have a very severe cat (and dog, rabbit, horse, etc.) and tree nut (actually all nut) allergy — and interestingly, I have some kind of sensitivity to eggs in a similar way to your son. Not an allergy for me, but eating eggs alone makes me sick (whereas nuts make me stop breathing), but eggs in something like a cake don’t bother me. And it’s gotten better as I’ve gotten older. If a quiche has a lot of veggies and/or cheese in it, and is light on the eggs, I can even eat that now.

    • Kris says:

      Huh, your allergies and his are almost the same, although his reaction to nuts isn’t quite as severe (his triggers an asthma attack, still really ugly). We’re glad his egg allergy is pretty mild – he’s always hated eggs, now we know why, and we’ve never pushed the issue.

      Yesterday’s workout was so much fun, it’s rare that Bruce has to push himself to keep up with me! 🙂

  2. Maren says:

    Haha I love that analogy. I definitely know what it’s like to be the bug :p

  3. Steena says:

    Some great workouts for you this week! Great job! I swear it’s only windy on the days that I ride my bike!

  4. PlumPetals says:

    Love the analogy. Well done with your training! Hope you’re a windshield all the way at Racine!!

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