St. Avila Triathlon 2012

This is not exactly a race recap – I didn’t run this race, I volunteered to help because this race is held at my son’s school every year for grades 3-6. It is meant to allow kids to try a triathlon (or duathlon for kids who don’t swim, or just a run if they wanted) in a safe, easy environment. The goal was just to finish.

I’m going to apologize in advance for my pictures – because I was riding with the kids all day, I either forgot to snap photos, or didn’t have time. So I only have two photos, both taken after the race. This was a group shot I got after the race.

The triathlon included a pool swim – 2 laps for the short triathlon, 4 laps for the long one. (50 and 100 metres total). Then, the kids rode from the university pool to a local park and looped around the park for a total of about 4km for the short distance. The long distance kids rode a second bike loop, adding another ~2km. Finally, they ran either 2 or 3 loops around a shorter path in the park. Each loop was just under 1km.

This has been going on at the school for several years now, and the kids love it. There were at least 20 kids in my group, which was the “long” group. Add to that kids from grades 3-6, with each grade having 20+ participants. I was assigned a group, with my task to be to escort the kids on their bikes to the university, then ride with them to the park. My assignment changed in the middle as after I got to the pool, I was asked to follow a grade 3 group back to the park. This was fun, as a couple of them were unsteady on their bikes and really needed the escort – my “long” kids were old pros that didn’t really need me. 🙂

After finishing with the grade 3 girls, I rode back to the pool to pick up another group. In total, I escorted three different groups through the park. Then I caught up with my son who was done already – he reported he had a great time.

As for my experience? Well, it was a lot of fun, and it really helped me with my bike handling skills. I wound up pack riding with young kids, who ride erratically and slow down and stop without a lot of warning. Plus it wasn’t a road race, so there was a little mud, several puddles, and more bumps and curbs than I’ve ever ridden before. We rode much slower than I normally do though, so it was a good learning experience to improve my skills.

A good day all around!

Goals: I actually hit them all today! And had fun doing them too. 🙂

Today’s goals:

1. Long bike workout
2. Long run workout
3. Write 2 blog posts
4. Menu plan for the weekend

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  1. Carina says:

    What a neat experience for the kids!

  2. PlumPetals says:

    Such events for kids are great!! Glad you had a good time 🙂

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