Strength Training – Is Crossfit the Answer?

I need to get stronger. I also need more hours in the week. I have a Bowflex at home, and I’ve used it a few times. I have a gym available at the YMCA where I swim, and I’ve used it a few times. I go to Hot Yoga sometimes. In the end, aside from not having enough time, I really, REALLY hate strength training.

I try to remind myself that it took me six months of consistent running (waddling) to not hate it, and another year to love it. (I tell myself that when biking too – I don’t hate it, but I’m not feeling the love yet….). It’s hard to stay motivated though.

So I used to work with a woman who was a part time personal trainer – she and her husband opened a CrossFit gym here in town. Another friend I work with loved CrossFit and used it to get in shape for her wedding. I’m also a regular reader of Get Fit Slowly and Get Rich Slowly, and both Mac and JD are CrossFit enthusiasts. I’ve been to my friend’s gym during one of their WoD (Workout of the Day) sessions, and it scares the crap out of me…. but you definitely get stronger doing it!

There is no way I can squeeze one more thing into my already packed schedule right now, I’m struggling to get in 1 yoga class and 1 good swim a week! But I’m thinking that next winter, during the off season, I may give it a try. I know that improving my overall body strength will help me improve my swimming and cycling as well as my running. I just have to convince myself that the initial pain will be worth the gain in the long run. Sort of like running….

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