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Taking on a Second Gig to Pay for Triathlon

Like I don’t already have enough other things going on in my world… Before we knew Bruce was sick, we had agreed that we would both look for a part time job to help fund our addiction, to help pay … Continue reading

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Unemployed, and Better For It

So in my last post, I vented about my crazy work situation – I lasted 2 more days. On April 24th, I quit my job. I’ve been unemployed for two weeks now. I have been actively looking, I’ve had one … Continue reading

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13 in 13 – February Mid-Month Update

The theme for the month of February, is┬áThinking Simple. In an effort to keep things simple while still working towards my overall holistic goals for 2013, I set mini goals for the month. My mid-month checkup tells me… Swim 8 … Continue reading

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13 in 13 – February Goals – Thinking Simple

In January I tackled a very specific goal from my list of goals for 2013. February, however, has the central theme of Thinking Simple. When I look over my goals for 2013, most of them are not goals I can … Continue reading

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Weekly Update – January 14, 2013

The past week has been more than a little hectic – work has been crazy, because I’m on my own right now. I sometimes have trouble differentiating when I’m being whiny, and when I’m legitimately at a point where I … Continue reading

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